How to Act Towards a Masseuse

The best massages in Montreal often have an erotic aspect, since many of the masseuses offer “special services.”Sometimesthis can become very confusing for male clients who aren’tsure about how to act towards the ladies in such situations. Here are some tips that can help clarify matters:

  1. Always be respectful. You have to be polite, and this isexpected of you. Just because you’re paying for an especially intimate service doesn’t mean that you can act as if you own them.
  2. Before you get there, make sure you take care of all your hygienic rituals. Take a shower beforehandand use mouthwash. It may not be a good idea to brush your teeth beforehand, as it may cause wounds that can lead to infections. Trim your fingernails and toenails. If possible, trim your pubic areas.
  3. Try to avoid spicy foods before your visit. If you forget, at least apologize to the lady right away.
  4. You don’tneed to wear cologne or an aftershave, this is especially true for your erogenous zones. If it’s a place where you expect to be kissed, then you don’t want to apply any sort of scent on this place.
  5. If a reservation is required, then get one. Don’t go to a massage parlor without a reservation and complain when there’s no one to entertain you as everyone’s otherwise engaged.
  6. When youmake a reservation, do be on time.
  7. Don’t ask her whether you’re her first client of the day. Don’t ask how many clients she has already entertained during her shift. Don’t even talk about how they got in the business. In fact, don’t ask personal questions. Let her volunteer info about herself, but you really shouldn’t pry into her private life.
  8. When you get there, enjoy the massage. Wait for her to broach the topic of any special services they may offer. Sometimes you can even request a special service when you make an appointment, such as an erotic show to go along with your massage. These services will come with its own prices, and you should never haggle with them about the price. It is what it is.
  9. Mention any sort of allergy or dislike that may be relevant. The massage may involve scented candles that you don’t particularly like. Tell them right away so there’s no issue.
  10. Once you’ve established a rapport with the lady, then you canmention any other requests you may have in mind. The ladies are free to agree to or decline your requests. If they don’t agree, then be gracious enough to accept this too. However, you shouldn’t expect them to read your mind about what you want. You should let her know, though you should also refrain frombarking up your orders.
  11. You must always play it safe, and that means you should bring condoms with you in an unopened box. This reassures the lady that you haven’t tampered with the condoms in any way. However, in reputable places, these condoms are always availableand you should just use the condom that the lady provides. Don’t even think about asking for bareback service.
  12. Take your leave when they remind you of the tim You’re probably not there to stay overnight, so don’t take a nap if you’re a heavy sleeper.
  13. Don’t forget to tip! If servers deserve tips, then surely these ladies deserve them as well. It shows how much you appreciated their very intimate service.

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